What programs does TWST offer?

TWST is a youth snowsports and skill development and competitive organization. We offer 8 different programs.

What events are coming up?

November 4th
Before the Warren Miller Matinee
A couple of sessions for ImPACT testing
Taos Center for the Arts
In-person and only for athletes 7-11 years old
(Athletes 12 and older will get an invitation to test at home)

November 3rd and 4th
Warren Miller Special Presentation of the TWST/True Kids 1 film, “Girl Power”
and Q&A Panel from our Freeride athletes who made the film.
Not to be missed!
Taos Center for the Arts, 3pm

November 23rd
Taos Ski Valley, Opening Day Weekend

November 25th and 26th, 2023
Full-Time Competitive Athletes opening practice.

December 2nd and 3rd, 2023
Part-time, DEVO and Gateway opening practice.

December 9th and 10th, 2023
Winter Community Weekend
Taos Ski Valley

December 18th to 29th, 2023
TWST Holiday Camp – dates TBA

December 24th, 2023
TWST Winter Raffle
Tickets sales starts.

January 7th, 2024
Special Olympics Team Opening practice.

January 8th – February 9th, 2024
Taos Regional School Group Program
TWST Adaptive Program Opening


TWST’s team governing body is the US Ski and Snowboard Association. The association categorizes athletes as:

U8 – Year of Birth: 2016-2017
U10 – YOB 2014-2015
U12 – YOB 2012-2013
U14 – YOB 2010-2011
U16 – YOB 2008-2009
U18 –YOB 2006-2007
U21+ – 18 years or older and still in High School

The age deadline for all age groups is December 31.

TWST athletes must be high-intermediate to advanced skiers or snowboarders. A good measure of this ability level is whether the athlete has solid proficiency on all blue bumps at TSV.

A Taos Winter Sports Team athlete will receive a jacket before the first day of practice.

Team jackets are more than just practical mountain apparel. They are livery – symbols of teamwork, belonging, and commitment to athletic excellence. They are part of our group identity – how we represent ourselves to the outside, and also to each other. We wear them with great pride.

Athletes need to keep a few things in mind with respect to the use and upkeep of their jacket:

  • If an athlete is representing TWST at a competition, they must wear their team jacket, both during competition and on the podium.
  • It is requested by coaches that all athletes wear their TWST jackets at any time they are in program practice.
  • Athletes are responsible for the care of their uniform jackets. It must be clean and in repair at all times.
  • If the jacket is damaged or lost, athletes will be assessed the replacement value of the jacket.
  • Failure to return the jacket may affect future participation on the team.

Yes. Each athlete is required to take a yearly ImPACT concussion test prior to their first day on snow with the team.

  • For athletes over 12 years of age, this is done by email invitation, on your home computer.
  • Athletes 11 years old and younger, will take the test in an in-person, monitored situation organized by the team. Several events and testing times will be available prior to the opening day of practice.


Please review our travel policy (PDF) for a complete discussion of transportation, various expenses, medical, lodging, etc.

TWST’s on-snow program starts with the opening weekend at Taos Ski Valley. Most years that is the Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend for Full-time Competitive athletes, and the first weekend of December for DEVO, Gateway, and Part-time Competitive athletes.

For other goings-on, see the events information at the top of the page.

It depends on the program, and whether the athlete would like to be full-time or part-time.

  • Full-time competitive athletes practice for approximately 40-45 days per season
  • Part-time competitive, DEVO, and Gateway athletes practice for approximately 16-18 days per season

Please bear in mind one important consideration about a part-time athletic commitment:

We are proud to offer high-quality part-time versions of some of our athletic programs, and there a few logistical consequences. If you are signing your athlete up for a Part-Time Competitive or Gateway Competitive, your athlete is then a Part-Time athlete (Sunday OR Saturday only). The program fee is for only 1 weekend day each week of the relevant calendar. This means that an additional program fee is due if the competition falls outside of that day. That day rate is $100 per day. This fee is due before the day of the competition and paid directly to the head coach.

In addition, if you choose to ask for additional days for your athlete to attend practice outside of your scheduled day, this fee is applied to any of those days. Arrangements will be made through the head coach and payable at the time of practice to the Head Coach.

Yes, and we invite you to check out their respective Team pages.

Briefly, TWST offers:

  • assistance and coaching for Adaptive students through the Taos Regional School Program at Taos Ski Valley
  • economic scholarships to Taos regional students based on school recommendations

These programs are organized by Taos Regional Schools and are held in January and February for a 5-week period.

For more information about this collaborative program, please contact snowsports@skitaos.org.


All families participating in TWST programs – including scholarship recipients – are required to participate in fundraising and volunteering activities 8 hours per season for TWST events held at TSV to support the TWST community and TSV, our home mountain.

A volunteer deposit of $200 is included in the program fee and will be refunded after April 14th and only upon full completion of the volunteer obligation. This deposit may be donated.

A full-season Taos Ski Valley non-blackout pass is required for all competitive athletes and recommended for all DEVO and Gateway athletes.

Yes, all athletes must come to practice ready to get on snow every day of practice, with their own:

  • equipment
  • helmet
  • team jacket (see team jacket section in this FAQ’s “athletes” category)
  • protective gear required by the Head Coach
  • goggles
  • gloves
  • layers of appropriate clothing.

After filling out the registration form, you may apply for 25%, 50%, and full scholarships for program fee assistance through the James Herrera Scholarship.

Click here to get the application (PDF).